Thursday, 27 May 2010

Free Digital image and a request

In order to not go completely bonkers being at home with a 6 month old, I've started visiting card challenge blogs. The challenges are usually easy enough to get done in an hour (ie when Harry is napping) and I feel that I have actually achieved something other than cleaning up carrot splatters.

fab'n'funky's challenge blog is sponsored by Doodle Dragon Studio this week, and on the sponsor's blog, they have lots of cute digi freebies. This week, they are asking if anyone can send in a card for an 18 year old who has MS - the bundle (hopefully from all over the world) will then be presented to her as a gift.

If you can help (will need posting to the US), and more about why they are asking this, here's the link:


Claireliz said...

the carrot splatters never go away, DD is 4 & I still have to hoover 3 times a day :)

Sasha Holloway said...

hee hee .. love challenge blogs and I need to visit more for cards .. I suck at making them ..

enjoy your evening